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Riot - Ultimate Compilation 1981-1996 [DVD-5]

"My Father's Place" Roslyn, N.Y. 09/15/1981 - Guy Speranza - vocals.This is a fantastic pro-shot copy of this very classic performance. 
The video has great picture and sound quality but it has a watermark 
on the screen that always reads Copyright 1981 For Preview Ony. There 
is a minor 1 second drop out during "Don't Hold Back" and the audio gets 
low for about a minute around 45 minutes into the concert. Guy was and 
always will be the best RIOT singer!!! 00:59:01
"Music Tomato Rock Show" Interviews & "BloodStreets" Promo
Tony Moore - Vocals This was filmed for Japanesse tv and has Japanesse
subtitles. This features Interviews in a recording studio with the band
and also has the "BloodStreets" Promo. My dad said this is from the 1992
era of RIOT! 00:20:39
"Rhett Promos" Restless Breed & Born In America Rhett Forrester - Vocals
1982-1984 00:09:39
"Bangup Rock" Interviews, Studio Rehearsal Footage & "BloodStreets" Promo
Mike Dimeo - Vocals This was filmed for Japanesse tv and has Japanesse
subtitles. This features Interviews in a recording studio with the band, 
has the band jamming in the studio and also has the "BloodStreets" Promo.
Even though the "BloodStreets" promo is played, Mike Dimeo is in the band
at this time and Tony Moore is gone because Mike Dimeo is there in the 
studio. I think this is from 1996! 00:16:15

Size: 3.68 GB/Time:105 min.

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  1. please could you post the part6, still missing

  2. where is the part 6? thanks

  3. http://neon-lights.moole.ru/
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  4. Thanks a lot for this ultimate compilation dvd!
    I only knew Riot with the fantastic Guy Speranza on vocals. A good chance to see what came after...
    Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Привет, я хотел бы знать, как выпустить сторон и что я могу сделать, я был бы признателен, если вы поможете мне.

  6. Hi, I would like to know how to release the parties and what can I do, I would be grateful if you help me.

  7. Tony Moore was and will ALWAYS be the greatest vocalist for RIOT.
    ALL other vocalists stand within Tony's shadow.
    That fact is SO obvious that to say otherwise is to announce your ignorance.
    NO other Riot vocalist could sing 'Wings Are For Angels.' - FACT.